WSJ hedge funds

Hedge Funds See Coal Weakness; Notices; USA (Solar) Today

HEDGE FUNDS ARE BEGINNING TO CIRCLE U.S. COAL COMPANIES, shorting both coal stocks and bonds in anticipation of bankruptcies, the Wall Street Journal reports today. The headline: “Hedge Funds Bet … Continue Reading →

Powder River Basin via BLM

Sanzillo: Teddy Roosevelt Wouldn’t Be Happy With This Coal-Royalties Loophole

By Tom Sanzillo The ghost of Theodore Roosevelt is awake and on the prowl again as new doubt emerges in Washington over federal subsidies that in effect let coal companies … Continue Reading →


NRG Responds; Galilee Heats Up; FirstEnergy Retreats

IN A BOW TO THE DIVESTURE MOVEMENT AND TO CHANGING DEMOGRAPHICS, NRG has come out with a plan it says will reduce emissions by 50 percent by 2030 and 90 … Continue Reading →

Ohio Statehouse

Commentary: ‘The Ohio Green-Energy Jobs Report That, Shamefully, Stayed Buried Until Now’

By the Cleveland Plain Dealer Editorial Board If you believe coincidence explains how the Statehouse works, there’s no mystery about the bureaucratic stall given to a $435,000 report on green … Continue Reading →

Seattle port

$8 Billion Untouched; Coal-Export Report Coverage; ‘Big Energy Interests’ in North Carolina

SNL IS REPORTING TODAY THAT A FEDERAL LOAN PROGRAM TO SUPPORT NEW COAL TECHNOLOGY HAS GOTTEN FEW TAKERS. The article, by Taylor Kuykendall, appears under the headline “8 years after … Continue Reading →

Kemper rendition

Schlissel: Kemper Power Plant, a Debacle That Should Never Have Been

By David Schlissel

 It’s pretty well known that cost overruns at Mississippi Power’s new plant in Kemper County now total $3.1 billion, roughly 100 percent more than the estimate the … Continue Reading →

NYTimes Asia

Asia’s Clean-Energy Push; Keeping an Ohio Jobs Study Quiet; Righteousness Is Not Enough

“ASIA PUSHES HARD FOR CLEAN ENERGY’ IS THE NEW YORK TIMES HEADLINE on an article this week that cites work by Bloomberg New Energy Finance predicting $250 billion per year … Continue Reading →

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 6.05.11 PM

Sanzillo: A Public Waste of Money, Both Public and Private

By Tom Sanzillo The United States doesn’t need any more coal-export ports. We know this because of research we’ve conducted here at IEEFA that appears in a report we published … Continue Reading →

decline of exports

Report – No Need for New U.S. Coal Ports: Data Shows Oversupply in Capacity

No Need for New U.S. Coal Ports: Data Shows Oversupply in Capacity (pdf) By Tom Sanzillo, Director of Finance, IEEFA  


Buckley: The Solar Express

By Tim Buckley

 What does the growth of the solar-energy industry say about coal-fired electricity? That it’s not as competitive a source of power as it once was, for one … Continue Reading →